Barbed Wire Crawl

Barbed Wire Crawl

Low Crawl

The barb wire crawl is a crawlway usually in mud and up a hill that has a barb wire ceiling.

Mandatory Obstacle
  • Skills
    Core / Mental
  • Race Types
    Stadium / Sprint / Super / Beast

Tips for the obstacle

  • plan your route beforehand
  • avoid the middle
  • roll to conserve energy

Key Exercises

    Bear Crawl

Ways to Train

  • Work on improving core strength with planks, bear crawls, and other key core exercises

Official Rulebook Details

  • Crawl under the wire or cords. (Rolling IS allowed).
  • Personal belongings must follow same path as Competitors (Competitors cannot leave anything on the side, throw it over the obstacle, etc.).
  • No diving.
  • Walking or running past the obstacle.
  • Not carrying personal belongings through the obstacle.
  • Going over wire or cord that was designed to go under, unless obstacle has been damaged in a way to make it impractical to navigate otherwise.
  • There is no burpee options for this obstacle.
  • Competitor may make as many attempts as needed.


Videos and documents for reference