Ape Hanger
*Location specific obstacle in Tahoe and Palmerton.

Ape Hanger

Climb up the rope, across the ladder, hit the bell, and drop down to the water. You are not committed to a lane until you touch the ladder.

Single Attempt Obstacle
  • Skills
    Grip Strength / Upper Body / Technique
  • Race Types
    Sprint / Super / Beast

Grip and Upper Body Strength Training Equipment

Key Exercises

    Dead Hang
    Rock Climbing
    Farmers Carry

Tips for the obstacle

    Ways to Train

    • Buy a rope to work on rope climbing technique
    • Utilize a local playground to work on monkey bars

    Official Rulebook Details

    • Climb to top of obstacle via the rope.
    • Traverse the rungs, using ONLY your hands, and ring the bell. Competitor feet cannot touch the rungs.
    • Competitor must stay on the bottom of the obstacle. Competitor cannot complete the obstacle on the top.
    • Falling off the bar section of the obstacle
    • Feet touching bars above the head
    • Using side supports
    • Inability or unwilling to climb rope
    • Not ringing the bell after touching a rung.
    • Competitor is committed to their lane and considered to have attempted the obstacle, once Competitor touches any bars.
    • The Ape Hanger is considered a single obstacle. A penalty of 30 burpees total is appropriate for failure at any point.


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