Jerry Can Carry

Jerry Can Carry

Carry one or two water jugs depending upon your gender up and down stairs.

Mandatory Obstacle
  • Skills
    Upper Body / Grip Strength
  • Race Types

Grip and Upper Body Strength Training Equipment

Key Exercises

    Farmers Carry

Tips for the obstacle

    Ways to Train

    • Go to the gym and use kettlebells or specialized bars for farmers carry, and walk with them a quarter mile

    Official Rulebook Details

    • Carry the element on the designated route.
    • Inability to complete the designated route with the weight
    • Cutting any part of the designated route
    • Dragging the weight
    • Intentionally damaging or destroying the weight will result in disqualification.
    • If multiple weights are required they must be carried at the same time. Competitor cannot make significant forward progress with a single weight.
    • Weights may be placed down as needed. This is not considered a failure.
    • Weights must be carried and cannot be dragged, rolled, pushed, etc.
    • If a weight is dropped or placed down and moves forward, Competitor must return back to where it was dropped and restart carry from that spot.


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