Bucket Brigade

Bucket Brigade

70-100lb bucket that has to be carried around a quarter mile.

Mandatory Obstacle
  • Skills
    Upper Body / Grip Strength / Core
  • Race Types
    Sprint / Super / Beast
  • Weight Estimates
    Men's Weight: 70-100 pounds
    Women's Weight: 50-80 pounds

Grip and Upper Body Strength Training Equipment

Key Exercises

    Plate Pinch
    Cable Wrist Curl

Tips for the obstacle

  • don't stop moving
  • if you stop moving, then sit the bucket down on your knee
  • Wear Gloves

Ways to Train

  • Buy a five gallon bucket and put 50-100 pounds to carry a quarter of a mile

Official Rulebook Details

  • Fill the appropriate bucket with gravel or sand from the designated area and carry the bucket along the marked route.
  • The bucket must return to the start point filled above the holes drilled into the bucket with no light showing. It is advised to overfill the bucket to allow for settling.
  • Bucket must be carried with the bottom of the the bucket below the Competitor’s shoulders. Do not carry the bucket on or above your shoulders (e.g. neck or head).
  • Empty the bucket back into the bin upon completion of the bucket obstacle route. The entire route must be followed.
  • Staff / volunteers are not responsible for checking your buckets when you start the carry, only when you return to make a fail / no-fail decision.
  • Not returning the bucket full to the specified line
  • Placing the bucket on shoulders, neck, or head
  • Not emptying the bucket into the bin
  • Cutting any part of the designated route
  • There is no burpee options for this obstacle.
  • If Competitor returns with bucket filled below line, the Competitor must redo the entire route.
  • A Competitor carrying the bucket above shoulder height will be subject to repeating the obstacle.
  • Competitors may place the bucket down as needed. They will not need to restart the course if they do so.
  • Competitors cannot pick up gravel or sand along the course, unless it spilled from their bucket and picked up at the time of the spill. Once a Competitor makes substantial forward movement they can no longer pick up materials.
  • A Competitor can return to start to at any time add fill to bucket to ensure completion.


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