The bender is similar to the inverted wall, but the first foot hold is around six feet from the ground. There are about six bars that you must climb up, and over the wall.

Multiple Attempt Obstacle
  • Skills
    Core / Upper Body
  • Race Types
    Super / Beast

Grip and Upper Body Strength Training Equipment

Key Exercises


Tips for the obstacle

  • get head over top
  • sit on the last bar and jump down

Ways to Train

  • Find a local playground that has pull up bars(to do muscle-ups) or a vertical ladder to climb over(practice technique of climbing over)

Official Rulebook Details

  • Climb up and over the wall without touching the support structure, straps, or flag poles.
  • Inability to climb over the wall
  • Anyone using the support structure or straps.
  • Competitors may re-try this obstacle until they complete it properly, or complete the penalty.
  • Competitors are able to use their feet on the rungs.


Videos and documents for reference