Spartan Rig

The multi-rig requires a lot of grip strength that has knotted ropes, gymnastic rings, and other handles of varying shapes and sizes.

Single Attempt Obstacle
  • Skills
    Upper Body / Grip Strength
  • Race Types
    Stadium / Sprint / Super / Beast

Grip and Upper Body Strength Training Equipment

Key Exercises

    Plate Pinch
    Cable Wrist Curl
    Rock Climbing

Tips for the obstacle

  • clean off your hands if muddy to give yourself more grip
  • Move your feet in a bicycling motion to propel and swing yourself from one bar to another

Ways to Train

  • Utilize a local playground to work on monkey bars
  • Rock climb inside or outside - builds up grip strength and mental confidence

Official Rulebook Details

  • Traverse the elements, using ONLY your hands, and ring the bell. Feet cannot touch the ground or the elements, unless the element is designed to be touched by your feet (e.g. at foot level).
  • Competitor must stay on the bottom of the obstacle. Competitor cannot complete obstacle by climbing on the top.
  • Any part of the body touching the ground between the start and finish area.
  • Feet touching bars above the head
  • Using side supports
  • Not ringing the bell if present
  • Competitor is committed to their lane and considered to have attempted the obstacle once both of competitor's feet have left the starting step.
  • Obstacle may end with a wall. The obstacle is complete when the competitor climbs over the wall without touching the ground.


Videos and documents for reference