Atlas Carry

Atlas Carry

Carry a stone from one flag, do five burpees, and carry the stone back.

Multiple Attempt Obstacle
  • Skills
    Upper Body
  • Race Types
    Stadium / Sprint / Super / Beast
  • Weight Estimates
    Men's Weight: 115 pounds
    Women's Weight: 75 pounds

Grip and Upper Body Strength Training Equipment

Key Exercises


Tips for the obstacle

  • take knee and roll ball into your gut

Ways to Train

  • Use a medical ball or sand bag to practice carrying from one point to another

Official Rulebook Details

  • Pick up the stone, carry it to the other side, put it down, complete 5 burpees, pick up the stone, return stone to the starting point.
  • Not being able to carry the stones along the marked course.
  • Not completing 5 burpees.
  • Not Returning stone to Starting point
  • Competitor may put stone down during the carry, however they cannot roll it or allow it to roll.
  • If stone is dropped or put down, it must be picked up again at the same spot. If the stone rolls with forward movement after being dropped or placed down, it must be returned to the same spot and picked up before continuing forward again.
  • If Competitor cannot complete obstacle or fails the obstacle, the penalty will be 30 burpees total (not 35 as the 5 burpees are considered part of the obstacle.)
  • Competitors must start behind designated starting flag.


Videos and documents for reference