Yokohama Tire Flip

Yokohama Tire Flip

Flip the tire over...

Multiple Attempt Obstacle
  • Skills
    Upper Body / Grip Strength
  • Race Types
    Sprint / Super / Beast

Grip and Upper Body Strength Training Equipment

Key Exercises

    Tips for the obstacle

    • back be flat
    • hips up to tire
    • get tire on one knee

    Ways to Train

      Official Rulebook Details

      • Flip the element (i.e. tire, log, etc.) the required number of times.
      • Inability to flip the element the required number of times.
      • Competitor is considered committed to a lane once they have completed one flip.
      • Prior to being committed to a lane, a Competitor can change lanes and take multiple attempts.
      • Dropping the element is not considered a failure.


      Videos and documents for reference