Spear Throw

Spear Throw

You must throw a spear into a hay bale, and it must stick. If you miss or it doesn't stick, then you must do 30 burpees.

Single Attempt Obstacle
  • Skills
  • Race Types
    Stadium / Sprint / Super / Beast

Tips for the obstacle

  • reel in the tether
  • put the spear in the center of your grip
  • extend arm all the way back

Key Exercises

    Ways to Train

      Official Rulebook Details

      • Attempt to throw the spear and have it stick into the spearman (wood or hay)
      • Competitor has one attempt
      • Spear does not stick into the spearman
      • Any part of spear is touching the ground, once it comes to a rest.
      • An attempt is considered to be in progress once a Competitor releases the spear in a forward motion.
      • Competitors are allowed to choose a different spear if they feel there is a defect in the initial spear they chose, however this must be done prior to to throwing spear.
      • It is the Competitor's responsibility to ensure the tether is placed in a manner such as to not cause entanglement. If tether gets tangled in any manner during a Competitor’s throw, it will still be considered an attempt.
      • Spear must remain stuck in the spearman until the Competitor has left the designated obstacle area (last spearman), or it will be considered a fail.
      • Spear can touch the ground during the throw or during initial entry into target. However, once it comes to a final rest no part of the spear may be touching the ground.


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