Log Hop

Log Hop

Log Hop

Single Attempt Obstacle
  • Skills
  • Race Types
    Sprint / Super / Beast

Tips for the obstacle

    Key Exercises

      Pistol Squat
      Single Leg Balance

    Ways to Train

    • Find a local playground that contains a balance beam
    • Work on your overall strength and core to help you improve your balance and stability

    Official Rulebook Details

    • Navigate across the top of multiple logs/poles without touching the ground.
    • Competitor must touch the last log before any part of the Competitor touches the ground
    • Touching the ground with any part of the body before touching the last log.
    • Using any outside object to assist, such as trekking poles, branches, etc.
    • Using any part of a second lane to complete the obstacle.
    • Competitor is considered committed to a lane once a second log or element is touched with any part of the body.
    • Competitor must use a single lane to complete obstacle.
    • Competitor may make several attempts to get onto the first log; as long as the Competitor has not committed to a lane they can select another lane.
    • Competitor is able to use any part of their body to complete the obstacle, however the last element does need to be touched by at least 1 foot to be considered completed.


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